Women and Coding, a Super-Powerful Mix

Feb 13 / Eloise Watts

Celebrating women and girls in science 👩‍🔬

Saturday 11th February was the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, and we are celebrating 🥳

We wanted to share with you some of the amazing women working in tech at Command Shift, and share their advice and opinions on the tech industry. It’s time to meet our heroes!

But before that, let’s have some context: “There are initiatives in place already? What’s the problem?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I’ll break it down…

Although the ratio of females to males in tech is on the rise (whoop 🎉), it’s moving painfullllllly slowwwwwwly. We’re talking a sloth on a lazy day. And this needs to change. 

Just look at this graph! Based on data from the Harvey Nash Survey of Digital Leaders in 2022, it shows the current situation worldwide. And, that’s just not equal yet.

The graph shows the percentage of female digital leaders compared to the percentage of male digital leaders in the years between 2018-2022

This graphic shows how critical it is that we celebrate the women and girls in science, and create role models for the next generation. So, this year, we’re celebrating our Superheroes. 

Our Superheroes have many superpowers. They’re battling stereotypes, defeating stigma, and sometimes even balancing raising their families around lessons and their full-time job. They really are kicking butt. (Said whilst I punch the air behind my desk, Charlie’s Angels style).

So, this week, we’ve been putting some of the women of Command Shift in the spotlight, and have found out why they love working in tech, and any advice they would give to someone interested in joining the tech world. So, here they are.

Our Superheroes...


A photo of alumni Lucy
Lucy is one of our alumni, and an absolute superstar. Career changing from an Operations Director, she is now smashing it in a software development job.

What do you love about working in tech?

“The people, the culture, and working in an agile way to build cool things!” 

We couldn’t agree more Lucy, there’s nothing better than working to solve a problem, and being supported by those around you. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining the industry?

“Don’t undervalue the soft skills you have and the energy that you bring, these are both hugely valuable. Tech skills will come with time and process - work out how you learn best, and be disciplined with your learning. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is how you’ll grow, so do it regularly. Lean on others in the tech community for support along your journey, and remember to give back when you can!”

Yes! Don’t ever underplay your skills! You are special and bring your own value to wherever you’re going. Don’t forget that. 

And that’s a big reason we love tech too, it’s so collaborative and supportive. One big family.


A photo of Yan
A student from our September 2022 cohort, Yan is currently studying on our BOOTCAMP course, and set to graduate soon! Yan’s flying.

What do you love about working in tech?

“I am always amazed by how technology has influenced various fields in today’s society, such as education, environment, and healthcare services. AI and machine learning are my favourite technologies as they work together like a human brain – constantly keep evolving and learning. They are also increasingly being part of the healthcare ecosystem. AI is already being used to detect diseases, such as cancer, more accurately and in their early stages. It can also store and handle vast amounts of health data to support clinical decision-making and lead to cheaper, more effective and more personalised healthcare.”

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining the industry?

“I’d say whatever industry you would like to join, do your research (blogs, articles, YouTube) to explore and understand what positions are available and their job responsibilities. Try to find out what kind of roles and jobs you are interested in. After doing your research, prepare some questions on things that you would like to learn on the day-to-day aspects of those roles and speak to friends or people who are working in this field. LinkedIn is a great place for you to reach out and connect with people if you don’t know anyone working in tech. Last but not least, set a goal and stick with your core values of why you want to join this industry and why you want to be in this role. It will always drive you towards your goal.”


A photo of Suzie
Suzie recently graduated from Command Shift, and her team’s final project “Santa Draws”, is the answer to your Secret Santa organising woes. Check it out on our YouTube channel here.

What do you love about working in tech?

“That it’s constantly changing and morphing into something new. For example, in dentistry everything was handwritten and filed away in endless filing cabinets. Patients were sent elsewhere to have X-rays taken, information was lost, misfiled, recreated and sent by post.

Now? You get results at the click of a button, referrals are sent encrypted to the relevant place quickly - with patient details, test results, digital X-rays and scans.

Everything can be searched on a database and the information can be available at the drop of a hat.

This all helps speed up the diagnosis and treatment. In turn, helping the patient, helping me and you. That just fascinates me.”

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining the industry?

“Try some freecodecamp.org and see if you like it initially. If you do, figure out whether you would want to:

  • Self learn
  • Go to university
  • Learn via a BOOTCAMP (part time or full time)

Ensure you are able to commit to the time needed to make the switch, and talk to as many people who will listen that you’re thinking about it. Sometimes just saying it out loud gets things clicking into place mentally and you’ll be able to visualise a plan of action."


A photo of July
This is July. Our final superhero, she was part of our October 2021 class, and always brought a smile. In just a year, July joined Command Shift with no coding experience, graduated, started her first software development job, and had a baby. She really is a true superhero. Here’s what she had to say about the tech industry.

What do you love about working in tech?

“The dev community is the best thing I like about working in tech. People love sharing knowledge and helping each other, and the whole community is so supportive, creative and friendly. It is a place that people have equal opportunity to show their shines.”

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining the industry?

“If you are thinking of joining the tech industry without any coding experience, just give it a try - you'd be surprised about how much new things you can absorb in a short period of time. Coding is like a game, in fact, learning anything new are like gaming, you need to find out the game rule, come up with a strategy to tackle the challenges, and gain new skills and mental resilience. Enjoy the journey, whenever you got stuck or think you cannot do it, give it 5 attempts before giving up.”

Become a Superhero

So there you have it, our Superheroes. It’s been so lovely speaking to some of our Superheroes, and there are so many more here at Command Shift. We are in awe of you all. 

Do you want to become a coding Superhero? Join Web Development Mastery today and start your Superhero transformation. If you have any questions, or want to speak to another Superhero, drop us a call or email and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science 🎉