Masters of Code: Mike Brewer

Apr 24 / Eloise Watts
Welcome back to another edition of Masters of Code! This is Mike Brewer, former B2B Sales Manager turned Technical Operations Manager! Mike graduated from Command Shift in May last year, and we recently sat down to talk all about his experience at Command Shift; life in the tech industry; and his advice about jumpstarting your tech career. So let’s get into it…

What were you doing before Command Shift?

When I enrolled with Command Shift, I was working as a B2B Sales Manager for a trade organisation. To be honest, after 6+ years I had worked myself into a bit of a rut and Command Shift was a chance for me to pursue a career that I was passionate about.
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How has the course set you up for your job?

When I started in my first tech role there was a steep learning curve as you would expect with any job, but thanks to Command Shift, I felt like I had a really strong foundation to build from. The course does a great job at teaching core skills and technologies that are relevant and used within the industry, so I felt like my first role was a natural progression of the experience that I had already gained from building projects and working in groups with other students.
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What would you say to someone who's on the fence about joining the course?

I would say that I completely understand why someone would be on the fence, I was the same, it's a big decision! Looking back now though, completing the course has been the best thing I've ever done and has given me a career that I could only dream about in the past. Knowing what I know now, I would say, go for it!
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Why did you choose Command Shift over other coding courses?

I also got a sense from my very first interactions with the Command Shift team that there was a level of transparency and a human side that I didn’t feel from other courses or bootcamps. Having been through the course, my initial impression was 100% accurate. It was also about balance, as I was working full time and a lot of other bootcamps that I researched wanted full time attendance, meaning I would have to quit my job and go all in. Command Shift felt like a great way to tap into tailored guidance from teachers within the industry and career switch without feeling like I was risking everything.
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